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The 'Village Award' is an annual honour, recognising the greatest act of stupidity by a club member during the previous year.

2016 - Marc 'Staggerly' Howland

Going on a booze raid and being so pissed, didn't realise he was stealing his own booze.

The Academy:

2016 Marc 'Staggerly' Howland - Stealing his own booze.

2015 Tanya Porter - Getting stuck in a Porta Loo.

2014 Tanya Porter - Not turning up for her only Ride Out.

2013 Tony White - Leading Birthday Ride Out, with no fuel

2012 Graham Neil - Giving Children Nightmares

2011 Paul 'Helen Wheels' Humphries - Who needs a Calendar

2010 Paul 'The Homing Pigeon' Humphries - Who needs Sat Nav

2009 Dave Carver & Colin McLea - OAP Negotiation skills

2008 Tanya Porter - Bikesafe 'Pigeon Racing' award

2007 Steve Payne - Pulling the van door of it's hinges

2006 Trevor Hawkins - Who needs luggage straps

2005 Barry McCabe - Breaking two fingers in St Tropez

2004 Dave Pankhurst - Climbing fence & falling down railway embankment

2003 Colin Stevens - Riding his bike over his own crash helmet

2002 Clive Browning - Setting fire to his bike in France

2001 Andrew Bradley - Body Surfing on a beer tray and breaking two ribs

2000 Jon Owen - Taking Ride Out via fuel stop, then running out within 2 miles

2017 Nominations:

Carrie - Falling off a bunk-bed ladder on the Dragon Run

Sven - Trying to do a Comms check with Cooter, saying "no can't hear you", "still can't hear you", ohh wait a minute, "guess I should put my helmet on, as that's where the speakers are"

Tanya -  thought she was stealing Carrie's "sweets" out of her luggage only to discover that she was chewing an ear plug

Heidi - Bringing a double mattress to Barflys that was too big for her tent

Duncan - Commando crawling in 'Stealth' mode whilst everyone was stood watching him and taking photos

Dave E - Wouldn't go and get water for the morning kettle, just in case it got warm overnight

Val - Too pissed to drink her shots, so poured them into a bowl to hide them, then used a straw to drink the bowl instead

Sven - Doing a handstand on his inflatible chair and bursting it

Andrea - Trying to open the tent flap with Fart power

Jacqui - Doing a Swallow Dive into her tent

Dave C - Doing the Wanborough show for 12 years then forgetting where the entrance was in year 13

Carrie - Doing her Michael Jackson tribute by only losing one glove