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The 'Village Award' is an annual honour, recognising the greatest act of stupidity by a club member during the previous year.

2017 - Sven "Still Can't Hear You" Giesbers

Trying to do a comms check without wearing his Bluetooth helmet.

The Academy:

2016 Marc 'Staggerly' Howland - Stealing his own booze.

2015 Tanya Porter - Getting stuck in a Porta Loo.

2014 Tanya Porter - Not turning up for her only Ride Out.

2013 Tony White - Leading Birthday Ride Out, with no fuel

2012 Graham Neil - Giving Children Nightmares

2011 Paul 'Helen Wheels' Humphries - Who needs a Calendar

2010 Paul 'The Homing Pigeon' Humphries - Who needs Sat Nav

2009 Dave Carver & Colin McLea - OAP Negotiation skills

2008 Tanya Porter - Bikesafe 'Pigeon Racing' award

2007 Steve Payne - Pulling the van door of it's hinges

2006 Trevor Hawkins - Who needs luggage straps

2005 Barry McCabe - Breaking two fingers in St Tropez

2004 Dave Pankhurst - Climbing fence & falling down railway embankment

2003 Colin Stevens - Riding his bike over his own crash helmet

2002 Clive Browning - Setting fire to his bike in France

2001 Andrew Bradley - Body Surfing on a beer tray and breaking two ribs

2000 Jon Owen - Taking Ride Out via fuel stop, then running out within 2 miles

2018 Nominations:

Dave C - Explaining why it is best to only charge your battery the night before you need it, then bike wouldn't start for the Toy Run collection.

Gary - Attending his first Ride Out and his bike breaking down in the Car Park.

Tanya - Fully supporting the need for confidentiality amongst club members, by inviting her Mum to join the private FB group.